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FPV Drone Racer Reviews


In our FPV Drone Racer Reviews, there will be some fantastic FPV Drone Racers hitting the stores very soon. The FPV Drone Racing World Team will test and analyse all the very best latest FPV Drone Racers featuring top Ready to Fly FPV Racing Drones and showcase some of the very best Racing Drone Builds from around the World.

The FPV Googles featured in our FLY THE FUTURE NOW logo are by Eachine and are the first High Quality High Definition Low Priced FPV Goggles to be released. Retailing at ONLY $60.99 from Banggood they will bring FPV Racing to the masses and ensure FPV Racing is not restricted to using High Priced Top End Fat Shark Goggles or Skyzone Goggles.


Eachine have also announced that they will soon be releasing a full FPV Drone Racing kit that will contain the Eachine Assassin FPV Drone Racer and the Eachine FPV Googles featured above.

Please note that the FPV Drone Racing World will undertake  comprehensive FPV Drone Racer Reviews of many of these amazing flying machines as soon as they are released.

FPV Drone Racer Reviews
The Incredible Eachine Assassin Drone Racer


There will also be an almost ready to fly version of the Eachine assassin FPV Drone Racer that will be available without the FFV Googles and this version of the Assassin will be available for under $200 from Banggood

To find out more about the ARF Assassin Drone Racer CLICK THIS LINK NOW

If you are looking to get into Drone Racing then our FPV Drone Racer Reviews will help you make an informed choice on what Drone Racer to buy, where to buy it from and hints and tips on how to set up your FPV Drone Racer for the optimum performance that suits your flying style.

FPV Drone Racer Reviews
Falcon FPV Drone racer Review coming soon

Coming soon. The Eachine FPV Drone Racers Reviews

To find out more details on this Eachine Falcon FPV Drone Racer CLICK THIS LINK

An Introduction to FPV Drone Racing

When I speak to people about Quadcopters some stare at me with a blank look in their eyes and I have no idea what I am referring too. If however I mention the word ‘Drone’ then they perfectly understand what I’m talking about. Over the last few years numerous aerial photography videos have been published taken mainly from DJI Phantom type Remote Control Quadcopters or unmanned aerial vehicles as they are sometimes called. Whilst it is aerial photography that has spurred on the development of Drones and Quadcopters there is another branch of Drone Flying that is set to take the World by storm.

Welcome to the World of FPV Racing Drones

First Person View or FPV as it is more commonly known is a term applied to all types of flying machines, model fixed wing aircraft, Remote Control Helicopters and Aerial Photography Drones that carry a camera that relays images to a screen or googles enabling the pilot to get a bird’s eye view of exactly what the flying object is viewing. FPV flying is a different way of flying than the traditional line of sight (LOS) whereby the pilot controls the craft by viewing it from below. The ramifications of FPV flying for aerial capture are obvious as the pilot can decide when and where to initiate video or still image capture. Mobile apps are also used to relay images from above but low cost FPV systems using WiFi are often laggy and and therefore not perfect for aerial photography.

Airgonay FPV Drone Racers

The concept of FPV Racing Drones is a fairly recent one and garnered considerable media coverage a few years ago when a team of French FPV Drones Racers published videos of FPV Drone Racing in a French forest. The press likened their flying to scenes from a Star Wars film.

How FPV Drones differ from traditional Drones

Most FPV Drone Racers are far smaller than the 350mm size (diameter measurment motor to motor) made popular by the DJI Phantom Range and the most popular sizes are around the 250mm/280mm mark but the current trend seems to be going for smaller sizes models (see Eachine Assassin FPV Drone Racer) around the 180mm size. Many hobbyist and professional Drone Racers build their own models either from kits that are now readily available or they source parts to build their own unique custom drone racers. Drone Racing has also spawned sub industries especially in the supply of 3D printed parts  tilted camera mounts that house lightweight action cameras like the Mobius or Runcam HD cameras.

FPV Drone Racing Events

FPV Drone Racing consist of flying your Drone Racer around a set of obstacles and many Drone Flyers will use the countryside flying around and avoiding trees and hedges as their challenge. Drone Racing Events usually consist of setting up a course using hoops, flags and anything else that will challenge the flyers ability to negotiated. Obstacles are traditionally situated a low level between 5 and 10 feet above the ground. FPV Racers are not high flyers and are made with agility and speed in mind. Drone Flyers will spend hours tuning their Racing Drones using various computer programs OpenPilot, Baseflight and Cleanflight are a few of the most popular software programs used. PID settings are altered to give the FPV Drone Racer more thrust, sideaways pitch or a faster yaw rate for turning the craft toward the desired direction. Organised Drone racing events are becoming popular all over the Globe and when Steve Ross the astute owner of Miami Dolphins announced a 1 million dollar investment in the Drone Racing League through his venture capital company RSE the rest of the World took notice.

FPV Drone Racing Brands to look out for
As previously mentioned Eachine have rapidly established themselves as one of the leading players in the FPV drone racing marketspace delivering high quality FPV products at very competitiveprices, They make some of the finest FPV Monitors, high speed motors, FPV cameras and Electronic speed controllers. To see the range they have on offer please CLICK THIS LINK.

Emax are another company that are producing some great FPV Drone Racers. I personally fly a customised Emax Nighthawk 280 Pro FPV Racer and really enjoy the experience. Emax are well known for making some of the very best Drone Racer motors and their FPV racing frames are well designed and robust. To check out the Emax range of FPV products CLICK THIS LINK

HiSky are a new entrant to the FPV racing scene. Well known for producing remote control helicopters they will soon release the ‘Talon’ FPV Drone Racer CLICK THIS LINK

Hawkeye Technology don’t make Drones but the do make some very impressive cameras and FPV monitors. Their Little Pilot 5inch FPV screen is a dream to use with a crystal clear image  CLICK THIS LINK The Firefly6s Action Camera is for me the best Low Priced Action camera you can buy CLICK THIS LINK

Cameras used to record FPV Racing on-board the Drone

Most FPV Drone Racing Flyers just love to record the flight footage and we will soon publish a great compilation of Drone Racing videos from the likes of Carlo Puertolas  aka Charpu and some serious stunt flying from Alan Szabo Jr. Guys like Charpu and many others out there are honing their drone racings skills to transform this nascent sport/hobby/pastime into a extravaganza of flying skills.

The two cameras below are favoured by a significant number of Drone Racers throughout the World. They are cheap, you can set them up to transmit FPV footage, record decent flying footage 1080@ 60fps, light, robust, uncomplicated, both the Mobius C2 Lens (one of my favourite action cams) and the Runcam 2 HD do a great job especially when attached to an FPV Drone Racer. I’ve got a great 3D printed angled Mobius mount on my Emax Nighthawk 280 PRO FPV Racer the Mobius C2 always delivers in any lighting.

Mobius C2 Lens Drone Racer Camera  CLICK THIS LINK



If the idea of Drone Racing appeals to you them please take some time to read our FPV Drone Racer Reviews